Don't waste time as a software engineer employee.

Each year you work as a well paid software engineer, you are wasting the potential of doing the same work for twice the earnings. As a software consultant, you will get paid more and can keep more by paying less taxes. Learn how to unleash the power of your own corporation.

Learn the secrets of earning top rates as a consultant

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Video Course

A premium video series showing you how to become a software consultant working for your own company at the highest hourly rate and paying the lowest taxes.

Q&A Weekly Sessions

Get your questions answered every week about how to setup your own business and avoiding pitfalls working as a software consultant.

Access To Private Facebook Group

Get lifetime access to my professional consulting network on Facebook. Join me in discussing software consulting and gain access to bonus content.

Setting Up Your Consulting Business

In this course you will learn step-by-step how to register a company structure optimized for software consulting and learn how to take full advantage of it as an independent consultant.

Finding Your Consulting Agent

Finding the right agent for you is vital in order to get the best hourly rate possible and getting the best contracts. You will learn what to look for and where to find an agent that will work tirelessly for you.

Keeping More Of What You Earn

Knowing how to find a good accountant who can maximize your tax deductions is very important. You will learn the right questions to ask and the basics of business tax deductions in this course.

Start earning and keeping more of your income as a software consultant today

Take control over your work and finances with this step-by-step course and join me and other consultants in reaching your full potential.


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